The Annual Stand Tall Gala Dinner
November 24 


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Stand Tall has spent the last ten years working to make a difference. While the conferences in 2015 and 2017 were hailed as successful at the time, the long term effect was negligible. As a single entity we struggle to make an impact with Government even though we collaborate with others.

The answer is to combine seriously with many others in this PTSD and Mental Trauma. We have done this by registering an entity called One Voice for Mental Trauma.

Under the auspices of One Voice, Stand Tall has planned PTS22. This will be a forum with a difference. There will be three very high profile panels with world quality expertise discussing three important topics in front of an invitation only audience of prominent decision makers. The logistics will be such that major recommendations will be arrived at for the authorities to act on. This forum will be live streamed to the world and will be staged with multiple partners under the newly named One Voice for Mental Trauma. The thinking is that the authorities must respond positively because of the quality and quantity of those making the recommendations. 

There will also be a national television campaign aimed at educating the Australian public plus a concentrated social media campaign and public relations.

Visit www.pts22.org to learn more.